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Dependable Reliable Nursing Service, LLC's goal in the services we provide is to meet your goal in the services you need.

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Know your rights and protect them. For less than $20 a month, you can get legal advice on almost anything: personal property, warranty claims, health, legal documents, will preparation, trial defense, tax auditing and so much more. We can even provide you with legal counsel in cases involving court trials as well as settlement administration.

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  • Are you qualified to train for caregiving?

    Yes. In fact, Dependable Reliable Nursing Service, LLC is an American Safety & Health Institute approved training center.

  • What makes Dependable Reliable Nursing Service, LLC different from other companies?

    What makes Dependable Reliable Nursing Service, LLC unique is the training we provide to our clients. Our program are custom tailored to sharpen client’s knowledge and skills regarding CPR.

  • Will I be a Certified Nursing Aide once I take Caregiver Certification course?

    No. The Certified Nursing Aide certificate is granted in each state after you attend a C.N.A. school and pass the state’s C.N.A. exam. You may find C.N.A. schools in your area and take a sample or practice C.N.A. exam online to learn more about becoming a Certified Nursing Aide.

  • Do I need a high school diploma to take the Caregiver Certification course?

    No. Anyone may take the Certified Caregiver Training course.

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